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About Custom Jewelry Design

About Custom Jewelry Design at Reliable Gold

Custom Jewelry Design at Reliable Gold -- Design with the jewelry experts!
What could be more sentimental and romantic than jewelry created for you, designed by you or a loved one? And who better to assist you than seasoned jewelers who specialize in precious, unique items? We have long held the belief, for over 80 years and counting, that extraordinary jewelry is to be cherished and we are proud of our reputation for carrying and identifying such items. Now you can create your own one-of-a-kind customized jewelry in collaboration with our design experts and let your imagination and unique flair dictate.  From custom-made diamond engagement rings to necklaces, custom design jewelry is such an exciting process that brings your inspiration to life! Whether you have a fully-formed vision or can use our help, you will emerge from the process with a personalized, made-to-order masterpiece built just to your preference and specification.  


Types of Custom
Custom jewelry design can be approached in a number of ways. Together, we can start with a blank piece of paper, photos, design templates or even your unworn jewelry that needs a makeover. Often we sketch and show examples of different design elements from jewelry here at the store or photos. If you come into the store, we can play with different shapes, colors, measurements and styles to see what generally works on you. We also love to collaborate on Pinterest for those late-night inspirations. Working with out-of-town customers is completely possible as well.
The Process
First, we talk in depth, with no obligation or fee, about what you wish to create. We will look at samples and photos and discuss your budget and desired materials. Depending on the project, we may have a Computer-Assisted Design (CAD) created to show you a 3D image of the concept. We can edit and tweak this image as needed -- all at no charge to you. Only once you are given a price quote and are 100% comfortable and ready to have your jewelry made, your 50% nonrefundable deposit will initiate the manufacturing of the piece. Your balance will become due upon delivery of the finished item.
Sound good? Browse the following pages to explore the different levels of custom jewelry design as well as illustrative galleries of styles and design elements! Or contact us in person or by phone or email for more information.