Frequently Asked Questions About Custom Jewelry Design
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FAQ's About Custom Jewelry Design

Frequent Asked Questions About Custom Jewelry Design

How does custom jewelry design work?


First, we consult with each other to gather your concepts and preferences. We will discuss styles, gemstones, metal types and budget, and sketch out ideas based on our discussion. If you have photos or actual items that inspire you, you can show or send them to us.
Once we have a good sense of what you are looking for, depending on the design’s intricacy, we may order a CAD image reflecting the design, which usually takes a few days. At this stage, you will evaluate the 3D image and make any desired adjustments. When you feel satisfied with the design, we will give you a final price estimate. Upon your approval and order, indicated by signing our Custom Jewelry Design Agreement, your 50% nonrefundable deposit will allow us to manufacture your item.

We will let you know when your jewelry is ready, at which point, your payment of the balance is due. Upon receipt of payment, your personal creation truly becomes yours! Pick it up at the store, or we can ship it to you via U.S. Postal Service, Priority Express (next day service)* once your payment fully clears.

* Adult signatures are required for delivery and cannot be waived.



What is the delivery time on a custom job?


While there is some fluctuation depending on the complexity of the design and the time of year it is commissioned, custom jobs based on a CAD image generally take 2-4 weeks from the time of your final approval and 50% deposit. Custom designed items and jewelry repurposing may take even less time with the same complexity/timing caveats.



Do you accommodate rush jobs?


Real life happens, and we understand that timing gets tight sometimes. We will always try our hardest to meet your timing requirements. Call us and let’s figure it out!



Sounds pricey. How expensive is custom design?


You will probably be surprised at how affordable custom design can be. Often the cost of custom items is on a par with their commercially-produced jewelry counterparts. The good news is that we discuss your set budget up front and work to create a design within that budget right from the start, so there will be no surprises. Until you are armed with an estimate and order your piece, there is absolutely no obligation for your inquiry.



What if I’m not creative or a designer? Or if don’t really know what I want to create?


Not to worry, that’s our job! You only have to tell us what you like and do not like. We find photos to be helpful as well as browsing what is currently in the store, but ultimately, we know and ask the right questions to tease out what we need to know. On the other hand, if you are the creative type or have something strongly in mind, you will have as much control as you like. We may advise on the practicality and function of certain designs based on our experience.



Do I have to pay if I do not like the finished product?


Once you commission and order a jewelry item, it is not returnable or refundable. Because it is so important for us to ensure that we have interpreted your design accurately, we are especially conscious of getting your approval in each of the planning stages. Moreover, for us to give our best assurances that your finished piece will fit you the way you expect, it is always best for you to visit our store and experiment with the different styles, stone shapes, metal colors and overall measurements of items to see what works best on you. If, however, the jewelry does not meet your expectations, we will listen to your concerns and make reasonable efforts to adjust it to make it right. Where an item requires significant reworking, the redesign may incur additional charges for materials and labor.



Is personalized engraving available?


Yes! Provided that there is ample space on the jewelry item for the desired engraving, we can take engraving orders.



Will I receive an appraisal of my jewelry item?


We are able to provide an appraisal of your item conducted by a GIA graduate gemologist at no added charge to you.



Can you design a piece for me even if I don’t live in the Providence, RI area?


Absolutely. While there are certain advantages of in-person meetings as discussed above, technology allows us to service customers far and wide with phone calls, messaging and photos. We follow the same design process with out-of-towners – accepting your 50% deposit to begin creating the jewelry and delivering it to you upon clearance of your payment of the balance.