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Jewelry Repair

Reliable Gold has been the standard for first-rate jewelry repair and custom work in Providence, Rhode Island since 1934. We continue to be the destination for high-quality and sophisticated repairs at reasonable prices. Our work is performed by our master jeweler with decades of experience.


Our jeweler is fully bonded and insured and works offsite, picking up and dropping off at our store twice per week. Your jewelry is insured while under Reliable Gold’s care.


When taking in your items for repair, we photograph your items and give you a receipt with a copy of the photograph and the description of the item and work to be performed. If desired, we can work up an estimate for the proposed work prior to commencing the job.


Typically our jeweler works with precious metals, such as gold, platinum and silver, and precious or semi-precious gemstones. While we generally cannot work with costume jewelry or jewelry made from base metal, if you are local, feel free to bring it in, and we’ll have our jeweler take a look.


Some examples of our repair work include:

  • Ring Resizing
  • Chain Repairing & Soldering
  • Replacing Missing Gemstones
  • Prong Retipping
  • Antique Jewelry Restoration [restoration of vintage and family heirloom pieces]
  • Pearl Restringing & Bead Restringing** 
  • Diamond & Gemstone Cutting
  • Clasp Repair or Replacement
  • Repair, Replace or Convert Earring Back or Earring Post
  • Chain or Bracelet Shortening or Lengthening
  • Gemstone Polishing
  • Gemstone Tightening
  • Rhodium Plating
  • Professional Polishing
  • Engraving


** Pearl and bead restringing is priced by the inch. Please be advised that knotted pearls that are stretched out have room between each pearl. When we restring your pearls, they will be perfectly tight, with the pearl right up against the knot. Therefore, even though you have exactly the same number of pearls, your strand will be shorter. The difference in length will depend upon the number of pearls in the strand and how loose they were when you brought them in. Generally, you can estimate that the strand will shorten between ½ inch and two inches.