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Bonnie & Marc Jaffe

Bonnie Jaffe is a native Rhode Islander and has lived in the state her entire life. Bonnie credits her dad, Murray Perlman, for introducing her to the excitement of photography when he gave her her first Brownie camera at age 7.  She later graduated to his Bessler Topcon Super D 35mm camera, and developed film and printed pictures in their basement darkroom.  She was inspired early in life to capture moments of time on film.  In high school, Bonnie began her formal study of photography, which continued at the Rhode Island School of Design from which she graduated in 1978, earning a BFA.  Bonnie then worked as a freelance photographer and then became a commercial producer/writer for the next 15 years.


Bonnie’s particular focus is on capturing people at work and at play, but enjoys all facets of the art.  She shares her passion for photography with her husband, Marc, a Rhode Island Obstetrician/Gynecologist.   Bonnie is proud to have won many awards for her work.

Bonnie resides with her family in Barrington, RI.


Marc Jaffe is a native Rhode Islander who moved away at a young age, but returned to do his residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Women and Infants Hospital in 1981.  Marc has enjoyed photography since childhood, and took pictures for his high school newspaper and yearbook.  Marc shares his passion for photography with his wife, Bonnie, who graduated from RISD in 1978.


Marc’s style is varied, often leaning toward humor and patterns in various situations; at other times his photographs showcase the uniqueness of people being themselves, often in solitary moments.   He prefers not to alter images too much on the computer, trying to capture images the old-fashioned way, using the computer just for cropping and fine-tuning.   He has won many awards in recent years for his work.

Marc resides with his family in Barrington, RI.   When not taking photographs, he enjoys spending time with his family, roots for the Red Sox, enjoys good food, and delivers babies.

Item:  BMJ