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Charlie Wharton

Artist's Statement:
I have been a lifelong student of the human condition and our surroundings. I am very interested in the conversation that we all have with our environment. I take my inspiration from man made structures and the wonder of nature. My works start with detailed studies/drawings of the subject then move to watercolor and value studies, which become the basis for my abstract impressions/ expression of the subject at hand. The use of mixed media and collage enhance my creative experience.
I have been a student of painting on and off for my whole life. Having taken periodic classes in grammar in high school and then in college I developed into a "Sunday painter", mostly in watercolor and gouache during vacation and on weekends. In 2006 I became active in taking classes at the Providence Art Club, studying landscape painting with Harley Bartlett, both in studio and plein air. From 2008-2015 I studied classic oil painting with Dora Atwater Millikin who has had a major influence on my style of painting. Study with other teachers including Shawn Kenney, Jonathan Small, Marc Freeman, and more recently Kevin Gilmore in collage and abstract painting, all of whom have influenced me, especially Kevin. In the last year I have studied under Kate Huntington, Bill Lane, and Craig Masten, including portraiture, watercolor, and figure painting. Currently, I am studying with Anthony Tomaselli who has been a great inspiration, and encouraging me to work further on my abstract expressionist style. 
My interest in fine art extends way beyond being an exhibiting artist member of the Providence Art Club, a designation which I was granted in December 2018, having gone through their juried selection process. My wife Joy and I have been collecting American Fine Art for over 50 years. Having accumulated a large collection ranging from Barbizon, American Impressionist, Post Impressionist, through Mid Century American Art. Recently we have been adding contemporary artists to our collection. Also, for approximately 20 years I have been a silent partner with my daughter Heather in a fine art gallery known as Wharton Fine Art in Charlotte, North Carolina. 
I received my BA with a concentration of American Literature from the University of Rhode Island in 1967, and spent over 50 years as an investment professional. Most recently, as a Senior Vice President and Senior Consultant with Merrill Lynch, a Bank of America company, here in Providence. I have a long history of working as a volunteer in education and cultural non profit organizations, including being a trustee of University of Rhode Island, and a member of the URI Foundation Executive Committee. I also currently serve on the Executive Committee of the Board of Management of the Providence Art Club, and am a member of the Investment Committee overseeing the Diocese of Providence Lay Pension, and the Catholic Investment Trust. Previously, I was a member of the Board of Directors of AAA Northeast, founder and chairman of The Haitian Project, founder and chairman of the Public Education Fund, and chairman of Lippitt Hill Tutorial.
- Charlie Wharton 


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